The word massage is derived from several sources meaning to touch, handle, squeeze or knead. Its goal is to relieve tension, reduce stress, relax muscles and improve circulation.

Check with your insurance company to see if they provide any coverage to assist you in your journey to improve your health and well being.

On your initial visit please plan on spending an extra 15 minutes, to allow your specialist the time to evaluate your situation, at no additional cost.

Enjoy a one hour introductory massage for $55.00 (new massage clients only)

Introducing our new massage membership program

Enjoy a one hour massage every month
Receive a special member discount on additional massages

3 month package $60.00 per month
6 month package $58.00 per month

Using long gliding strokes and different types of pressure, this relaxing massage is sure to reduce stress levels and help you sleep. This is the most common type of massage therapy.
30 Mins. - $35.00
1 Hr - $65.00

Our most popular message incorporating gentle and deep touch. Your therapist will work with you to develop a plan to achieve the best results for you.
30 Mins. - $35.00
1 Hr - $65.00

Deep Tissue
Great for sore muscles and for those who need more intense pressure
30 Mins. - $35.00
1 Hr - $65.00

Sports Massage
Isolated trigger point friction is incorporated with stretching techniques to ease muscle tension and loosen knots.
30 Mins. - $35.00
1 Hr - $65.00

Hot Stone
Very relaxing as well as invigorating. This massage utilizes heated, smoothed riverbed stones to massage away stress and sore muscles.
30 Mins. - $55.00
1 Hr - $80.00

Special bolsters are used to alleviate pressure on your back and belly. Eases back pain and relaxes the entire body. Past first trimester only.
30 Mins. - $35.00
1 Hr - $65.00

Couples Massage
1 Hr - $160.00

Healing scents add a wonderful touch to any massage chosen.
30 Mins. - $45.00
1 Hr - $75.00