Facials are based on the European method of skincare. Each facial involves a thorough Skin analysis, cleansing, light exfoliation, steam treatment, extraction, high frequency to kill bacteria, and a neck and shoulder massage, finishing with a specialized mask and moisturizer.

European with Enzyme Mask
Looking for immediate results? Enjoy this non-acid, natural peeling mask that produces spectacular results by removing dead skin cells, smoothing fine lines and making wrinkles and post acne scars less visible.
1 Hr - $70.00

Acne Solution
Our basic facial with deep cleansing for problematic skin and clogged pores.
1 Hr - $65.00

Experience the soothing warmth and luxurious benefits of this special treatment. Increased circulation and product penetration help to restore, nourish and hydrate your skin.
75 mins - $70.00

Gentleman's Facial 
Our basic facial customized for the needs of his skin. This facial rehydrates shave weary skin and helps to restore moisture. He will leave here ultra relaxed.
1 Hr - $60.00

Back Facial 
A deep cleansing, steaming and finishing treatment, the ultimate in relaxation and revitalization for an often neglected part of the body.
1 Hr - $60.00

Student Facial - 18 and Under
Our Basic facial customized for the needs of youthful skin.
1 Hr - $50.00

Glycolic Peels 
Tightens the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles while helping to restore skin to a more youthful appearance.
With a facial included.        
1 Hr - $60.00
With a Facial Included: $90.00

Bio-Ultimate Age-Defying Facial 
The ultimate in non-invasive face lifts!
Utilizing advanced technology to achieve age-defying results, the Bio-Ultimate offers an outstanding facial that dramatically diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While improving skin tone and elasticity, this procedure firms the skin while allowing product to penetrate for refreshed and supple skin. This service is preventative for younger clients and rejuvenating for mature clients.
1 Hr - $95.00
Series of two or more $90.00

Bio-Ultimate Eye Treatment 
If you choose to concentrate around the eyes only, this treatment will significantly reduce the fine lines around this very sensitive area.     
30 mins - $30.00

Providing a combination of massage, ultra sound and ionization, this treatment is the most effective on the market for product penetration. Using jewel tone serums, this procedure helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles, provides repairing properties, is excellent for hydration and can be used for an exfoliating peel without using harsh chemicals. This treatment can be used as a facial or as a specific treatment for a problem area of the face.
As a facial $90.00
Specific area treatment per region of face $10.00

Professional Cosmetic Application
Make-Up Application $50.00
Make-Up Lesson $50.00